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Why buy your turf-sod from Superior Turf-Sod Farm, Inc?

Superior Turf-Sod Farm, Inc. (STSF), one of the premier Turf-Sod producers in Central Kentucky is located in the Shelbyville\Finchville area.

West Wing Before Turf Sod

West Wing After Turf Sod

STSF specializes in several hybrid turf-sod types; Kentucky Bluegrass, a Bluegrass Fescue mix, as well as Turf-type tall Fescue. Our hybrid turf-sod is grown to resist many of the diseases that can affect common type grass grown elsewhere.

You can have our Superior Turf-Sod installed by our professional installation crew, we can deliver for your installation, or you can pick it up at our fields. Our turf-sod is produced locally and cut fresh daily for pick-up or transplantation to your job-site. Whether you need 3 or 4 yards or 100,000 yards, we can be of service to you.

We are continually looking to improve our operations and our method of doing business can continue to provide a Superior product and Superior service to our customers.