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What Our Customers Are Saying

November 13, 2001

We have just had Superior Turf-Sod Farm to lay sod at our new home. The first thing we will say is their title says it all, Superior Turf-Sod Farm. The sod was of the greatest of quality. The equipment and all the workers were excellent. They all did a wonderful job, and were very, very friendly. All the office workers were very kind in calling and making sure the sod was cut and arrived on time. We have seen lots of sod laid at new home sites, but STSF tops them all. We will always tell people about this sod farm. The sod glows with the most beautiful greenish color. Yes – it does have a sparkle look.

You have chosen the perfect name for your company - The Best Sod Farm there is – “Superior Turf-Sod Farm, Inc.”

Jay and Joann Threet

March 27, 2004

I ordered sod on Tuesday and it was delivered on Wednesday with prompt, friendly and courteous service.

Jay Nussbaum

May 3, 2004

After having Superior Turf Sod lay their beautiful sod at our home, we cannot say enough about the quality of product and service they provide. Monica and Jeff were pleasant to do business with and we would highly recommend Superior Turf Sod for all of your Turf-Sod needs. Upon completing our yard we confirmed that their sod really is "Superior"!

Jimmy and Missy Croan

March 28, 2006

We had a strange request....we were looking for a sample of good quality "Kentucky Blue Grass". Our Ad Agency had done a photo shoot that had a background of Kentucky Blue Grass in the shot - unfortunately, the sod that was provided to us by a sod producer in NJ had a lot of brown patches within the grass - this was due to the bad weather that we had been having on the East Coast. So what we needed now, was a sample of healthy Blue Grass that would serve as an accurate source to match the color of the Blue Grass that was in the photograph from the photo shoot. So, I called STSF and asked if they could send me a beautiful piece of Kentucky Blue Grass, 1 ft square... and they said, "Sure, no problem - when do you need it?" and that was all it took. As promised, I received the sample on the date that we had agreed upon and it was perfect! Very green and healthy grass. It was shipped to us with the utmost care and helped us in our time of need for grass. I would highly recommend STSF for any kind of sod needs. I wish I had a house so I could order alot of grass from them! They were a pleasure to work with and now we have a little 1 ft square of grass that we water and tend to in our office every day!

Thanks Again!
Wylie Moran
Tierney Communications
Philadelphia, PA