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My Lawn Looks Terrible

The grass is spotty, there are weeds, the ground is hard, and it just looks bad.

There are a few things you can do yourself that are fairly inexpensive and have great results before you decide to tear it up and have us install new turf-sod.

Our website discusses in detail what should be done with new grass as well as a year round maintenance program with fertilizer, weed control, mowing heights, etc.

Lawn Rejuvenation
The following needs to be done:

bullet Moisture is an immediate issue. Cracks in the soil should not be there. That is a starvation issue. The lawn needs at a minimum, 1 inch of moisture a week. Depending on the temperatures, there may need to be more. A typical sprinkler on for a 4 hour period of time usually puts down 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch. Irrigation systems are much more efficient but still need to be used. Absorption by the lawn is critical.
bullet Fertilizer needs to be applied. I suggest 19-19-19 be applied at a rate of 300 lbs./acre. Determine approximately how many square feet you have in your lawn. An acre is about 43,560 square feet. Approximately 45 days later another application, and then 60 days after the second application a third application.
bulletIf there are a lot of weeds a herbicide for the broadleaf's and a pre-emergent should be applied. That can be done granular or as a liquid. I suggest the liquid. It is foliar fed and is usually taken in quicker.

Watering should be done so that the lawn is saturated to the point that it is somewhat soft to walk on, not mushy like a newly sodded yard. This should be maintained during the treatment period and can be backed off later, but not to allow returning to a rock hard surface.

This may need to be done depending on how the yard reacts to the first fertilization. Aeration allows for the nutrients to be absorbed by the roots and the air and moisture will help build a healthy root zone. Aeration and Power seeding can be done together if it were desired to add seed to the yard. The proper power seeding will also aerate and cut through the root zone. The yard should have a base of moisture in it so that the blades or tines can penetrate the soil to properly aerate or power seed the soil.

If this is followed in the next 60 days a significant difference will be seen and with the final fertilization it should set the stage for a great yard. I then would suggest that you follow our recommendations found on the website www.stsf.com.