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About Superior Turf-Sod Farm

Superior Turf-Sod Farm, Inc. (STSF) was “born” March 17, 1997 when Jeff, Monica, and Grant Hagerman purchased an established sod farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The property originally caught their attention purely for its pristine setting and aesthetic appeal. Gradually, however, the idea of leaving the corporate world and beginning their own self-employment venture began to take hold and the concept for STSF began to grow.

With Jeff and Monica both having widely varied employment backgrounds, they knew they had the expertise to put together a business with the propensity to grow and prosper. Jeff’s background included sales and marketing; Monica came from a farming family and had experience with both office management and customer service. These skills combined give them a husband-wife working relationship that covers all the bases!

As true with any “family farm” atmosphere, the whole family is involved with keeping the business running smoothly. Grant, while still in school, is actively involved with the farm activities as school and academic pursuits permit. He works on the farm, does estimates, and has a crew to do lawn renovations, grading and smaller sod jobs.

The farm is nestled in a creek bottom and bordered on one side by Brashear’s Creek. This provides the opportune setting for irrigating in periods of dry weather or drought. The creek side is also an area that has been used by the general public as a fishing and picnic site for the last 75 years. Jeff, Monica, and Grant continue the tradition of sharing this part of the farm with the public, keeping it manicured for their enjoyment. The farm also came complete with a horse barn, and facilities and now houses the Hagerman’s American Saddlebred business, Foxrun Farm. In the pastures are broodmares, weanlings, and yearlings, which also make up a part of the farm’s daily routine.

STSF is very active in community projects, sponsoring sports activities, donating sod to church and civic organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, and providing labor assistance for community events. The Hagerman family believes that giving back to their community is an important part of doing business and feels blessed to be able to help where they can.

A Foal on our farmJeff, Monica, and Grant invite you to stop by and visit; look over the turf-sod, plop a fishing pole in the creek, enjoy the horse foaling season in the spring, or just relax and enjoy the beauty that is Superior Turf-Sod Farm.

While large enough to handle sizable sod jobs, the Hagermans pride themselves on running the business as a family business - small enough to be personable, yet large enough to be professional. Whether you need 3 or 4 yards or 100,000 yards, we can be of service to you.